Guideline for the funding of grants for "KMU-innovativ: Medical Engineering"

Date of announcement: 19 September 2018



Object of the funding

Object of the support are risky industrial research and precompetitive development projects with a strong supply and application reference in the form of individual projects or cooperation projects between companies, research institutes and clinical partners (collaborative projects) for the development of new products and procedures for health care.

These research and development projects must be assigned to medical technology and be important for the positioning of the company in the market. The main objective of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research funding is to strengthen the SME position by accelerating the transfer of knowledge and technology from the pre-competitive area to the daily routine of health care.


Further Information

In the first stage of the process, project drafts must first be submitted in electronic form by 15 April or 15 October each year.


For more information, visit BMBF.