For more than 130 years, Pfeiffer Vacuum has stood for innovative vacuum technology, high quality standards and first-class customer service. The company offers a complete range of turbopumps with hybrid and magnetic bearings, backing pumps, leak detectors, components, measurement and analysis equipment, as well as vacuum systems and chambers. Pfeiffer Vacuum employs over 3,300 people worldwide and has 10 production sites and more than 20 sales and service companies.

Founded in 1890, the company has evolved into an international, stock-listed mechanical engineering group. With the invention of the turbomolecular pump in 1956, Pfeiffer Vacuum revolutionized the vacuum industry and thus laid the foundation for a variety of new fields of application. With the acquisition of adixen Vacuum Products and Trinos Vakuum-Systeme in 2010 as well as Dreebit, ATC and Nor-Cal Products in 2017, the company finally established itself as a provider of complete vacuum solutions.

Pfeiffer Vacuum offers innovative solutions and high-tech products in the analytical, industrial, research & development, semiconductor and emerging technologies markets. Thanks to its strong focus on the needs of its customers, the company continually optimizes and expands its portfolio. In this way, Pfeiffer Vacuum will continue to offer the right solution for each application.

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