Being an international association of companies and institutes in the field of microtechnology, nanotechnology, advanced materials and optics & photonics, we make every possible effort to create essential competitive advantages for our members. Our members have benefited from our commitment and competence since 1995. Member companies and institutes from all over the world open up new markets and set new standards with the support of IVAM. You will find all members, their products, services and contact details at a glance online.


We regard ourselves as the communicative bridge between suppliers and users of high-tech products and services in need of explanation in the fields of "microtechnology", "nanotechnology" and "advanced materials."

What does IVAM do?

  • We bring innovations to market and create competitive advantages through technology marketing.
  • We work on international markets and provide worldwide networking.
  • We provide lobbying services for small and medium-sized enterprises in the high-tech industries.