TU Darmstadt, MPA Center for Engineering Materials


The sector research and development is predominantly concerned with the integral evaluation of component characteristics in the light of the interrelation between materials – manufacture – structural design – component loading, while in the area of materials testing and monitoring special emphasis is placed on the determination of technological, physical and chemical properties of materials, semi-finished products and components.

The intrinsic technical and organizational interconnection of MPA and IfW guarantees an efficient utilization of human resources and equipment as well as an optimal exchange of technological-scientifical knowledge. This also ensures that the necessary competence required for research and development, failure analysis and con-sulting can be focused in the best possible way and can subsequently be made available for services.


In the areas which require certification of competence, the Zentrum für Konstruktionswerkstoffe possesses comprehensive approvals and accreditations.

With a staff of 160 individuals (62 scientists and 25 test engineers) from the domains mechanical engineer-ing, metallurgy, materials science, materials technology, power engineering, computer science, plastics technol-ogy, civil engineering, engineering mechanics, chemistry, physics, electrical and industrial engineering and management, we are organized into seven areas of expertise.

The main fields of activity are research and development, teaching, testing and consulting especially in the following fields:

  • Materials-, components-, product development and -examination,
  • materials and product qualification,
  • materials analysis,
  • surface (corrosion, tribology and their protection) and coating technology,
  • test processes,
  • durability analyses
  • failure research,
  • measuring and calibration technology and
  • certification.