Q-Plas Educational programme for plasma surface technologies

Rising requirements within all technical ranges require a distinct increase of the employment of the plasma technology. A substantial obstacle for the expansion of the employment of the industrial plasma surface technology is the lack of qualified specialists. This lack leads often to the fact that the plasma technology is not regarded as a tool for the configuration of more efficient products. No suitable offers exist with those e. g. technicians or FH-engineers a basic technological knowledge as well as engineer-scientific and plasma-physical together is revealed.


With the help of an E-Learning-offer, which by a Web-based tutorial is supported, temporally and spatially independent learning of the technological bases is possible. Modules are fixed at the requirements of the user, i.e. application is always starting point.

Practical training

The practical exercises are based on E-Learning-offers. The practical training addresses e.g. to co-workers, developers, engineers and technicians, who are dealing with the solution of technical questions. The practical training takes place directly at coating units and testing facilities. The practical training is parted into different modules for different applications as well as ranges of coating units and process technique.