Boehlerit is among the global leaders in the production of carbide materials for tools for metal, wood and plastics machining. The company produces high-quality, innovative products (such as leading tool systems for the automotive industry and for metallurgical applications) by employing the most advanced technologies. 

Boehlerit has earned its reputation as pioneering developer since 1932. When the company was privatised in 1991 and included in the Leitz group of companies (with a staff of 6300 people worldwide and a turnover of EUR 550 million), Boehlerit became the cutting material centre of the group and enjoyed rapid economic development. With investments of more than EUR 40 million over the past ten years, using some five percent of turnover for R & D and the optimum use of synergies within the third largest tool group in Europe. Worldwide, the company achieves a turnover of some 80 million euros with 700 employees (500 of them at the Kapfenberg site).

Continued investment in human resources, technologies, production capacities and markets are geared to ensure future growth of the Boehlerit group.

As a manufacturer of cutting grades for the machining of metals, compound materials, plastics and wood, Boehlerit is synonymous with the highest production perfection in carbides and tools for turning, milling, drilling, grooving, automotive tool engineering for crankshaft machining and metallurgical applications, chipless forming and wear protection.

Since 2009, Boehlerit and Bilz have been working in an alliance with the LMT Group (LMT Belin, LMT Fette, LMT Kieninger, LMT Onsrud)