Softal develops and designs machines for the atmospheric pressure plasma care of surfaces. Renowned clients from all over the world rely on us as a market and technological leader in this area and use our efficiency increasing, patented methods. 




The company had its start in 1959 in Hamburg, Germany; Softal got its name from the first patent for pre-treatment for aluminum. Since then we consistently set the benchmark in aureole and plasma technology with three headquarters world-wide. More than 10% of our high qualified co-workers we constantly explore and develop new technologies. Intensive advice by our experts and extensive simulation in our development plant Hamburg with customized material and form pattern ensure process and manufacturing security in commissioning and use of your machines.



The electric surface usage of papers, plastics, metals and canvas provides an ideal grip of colors, lacquers, coatings as well as glues. Our know-how relies on experience and intensive research for decades. The current research is concerned with the deposition of plasma polymer on ribbon shaped materials.