Singulus Technologies is the sole producer of manufacturing facilities for CD, DVD and HD-DVD as well as Blu-Ray world-wide, who offers all manufacturing steps in the optical disc production. The company commands the complete value creation added chain and is the world market leader in the most important branch, e.g. mastering and DVD-replication line. The global market share accounts for more than 65%. Technological core competence is the „vacuum thin film technology". This means to coat thin films in vacuum by means of sputtering. 

Singulus Technologies is to be seen as a high-growth company. In this spirit the company searches for new key applications of vacuum thin film technology. Meanwhile there are two new business areas are being established, having the potential to become independent increasing fields: PVD coating technology for semiconductor products and thin film heads. The second industrial field, optional coatings contains machines for automatically inline coating of lens as well as equipments for applying decorative coating on plastic parts.