With its 400 co-workers world-wide - 315 located in Würselen near Aachen, Germany -, CemeCon is one of the most sucsessful companies around the high-performance coating of cutting tools and component parts and besides affords widespread business activities. In Würselen CemeCon actuates one of the biggest sightseeing centres in Europe. Beyond that it is represented by several coperation and production offices in the USA, China, Scandinavia and the Czech Republic.


45 sightseeing facilities type CC800®/9 are the heart of the sightseeing technology in Würselen. From here and along with centres in Denmark and soon the Czech Republic as well, Cemecon provides the European market with innovative solutions for surface. Here the complete coating knowhow is bunched together, whereas the several branches focus on a few products. Hence, in Würselen the main focus is set to diamonds while the employment of the form-specialists is in Denmark.